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Remarkable Brains interview 2015 09-26: Interview

Freedom-Life Enhancement Part 2  04-02-10: Interview

The Deep Blue Journal 03-30-06: Interview

Satellite Radio 10-23-06: Reading followed by interview

David Niall Wilson 03-11-08: Interview

Life Enhancement 06-28-09: Interview

Avid Readers Who Write 01-10-10: Interview

Jan F. Lockert's Blog 01-24-10: Feature

Jan F. Lockert's SECOND SOUL Review 06-13-10: Reviews 


Sully reading The Raven: The Raven-Sully reading 2015 10-20 11-07-05: SECOND SOUL BONUS READ 07-21-06: Guest Columnist 10-09-06: Sully Feature

Dear 11-24-14: Guest Column

Nanci Kalanta's Horror World site has set up a message board for Sully. If you would like to post something, you may do so at this link: Sully Message Board

Glenn Frey's hit song music video dedicated to Sully for the use of a line from THE PHASES OF HARRY MOON

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