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What Critics Say
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“He tells stories like Fabergé made eggs - exquisitely crafted, each one unique and beautiful and of the finest kind, and I'm eternally grateful to him for sharing.  This is fiction for grown-ups -- emotionally complex, literate and compulsively readable.  Highly recommended.” – Mark Lancaster, Reviewer & Commentator

“THE MARTYRING is a modern masterpiece, and Thomas Sullivan is a national treasure.” – Loren D. Estleman, author of BILLY GASHADE 

“One is convinced that an outsize performer is trying his wings – a John Barth or a John Irving, with a touch of William Gaddis and maybe a dash of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.” – The Chicago Tribune

“Thomas Sullivan is a master of description.” – William X. Kienzle, author of the Father Koesler mystery series 

“A memorable journey . . . compelling read.  Classic Sullivan.” – Fred Bean, author of EDEN 

“Trying to pigeonhole Thomas Sullivan would be like calling Hemingway an outdoor writer, or Fitzgerald the king of glamour and glitz.  He's that good, moving effortlessly from one literary landscape to another, his cast of wonderful characters in tow.” – Lowell Cauffiel, author of MASQUERADE 

“Sullivan is an original . . . [he] turns a phrase with the ease of Ozzie Smith turning a double play.” – Detroit Free Press 

“Reads like lightning . . .” – Detroit Monthly 

“The man writes like silk feels.” – M. Paulle, columnist

"Sullivan’s most sustained and strongest yet...” – Kirkus Reviews

Thrillers Editor’s Recommended Book of the Month

“Highly recommended spine-chilling entertainment.” – Rue Morgue

“…a joy to read.” – The Associated Press

“Where Sullivan belongs is on the best-seller lists.” – Doug Allyn, Flint Journal

“…can’t be recommended highly enough.” – David Niall Wilson, author DEEP BLUE

“…a Border’s pick-of-the-month nationally.”

“Thomas Sullivan has a way with words like few other writers.  He could make the back of a cereal box sound interesting.” – Alan Russell, Author

“Thomas Sullivan is one of the best writers out there…” – Jennifer Hairfield, Author and Reviewer

“…work of impressive imagination…a writer with considerable gifts for language and style.” – Nate Kenyon, Author & Reviewer

"It's entirely possible, I believe, that Sully is William Wordsworth reincarnated, and I know he's planning a sea kayaking trip in the South Pacific later this year.  Hmmm.  Maybe he's a reincarnated Joseph Conrad, as well." -- Chuck Hines, Author & Commentator
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